Clickthulu was created in 2007 out of the need for a fully featured comic book application. At the time, there were very few options available to independent artists who were looking to get their comics online. If you weren't associated with one of the bigger groups, you were left with very few free options, none of which were actually designed for delivering comics.

Clickthulu was designed to work at the server level, leveraging individual databases and allowing creators to have a customized setup without needing to have a individual installations. That's right, install it once on a server, and it could handle hundreds of different creators, each on their own schedule, with their own personalized sites.

A single Clickthulu site was little more than a database and a template. Everything else, ran out of the server install. Content was delivered from the database, and then applied to a template written in HTML. This allowed creators who were familliar with HTML to build sites their way, without needing to learn additional technology. A Clickthulu site could be generated from scratch in less than 5 minutes, and completely customized in a hour or two.

One of the main features of Clickthulu was that it allowed creators to set up "members only" areas, where they could deliver premium content separate from their free sites. This was part and parcel to the system driving forward the idea that content creators deserved a chance to make a living off of their hard work.

Clickthulu Sites: