Code Name: Hunter starts Issue 22

Code Name: Hunter has just started it’s 22nd issue this week.

Issue 22: Agent of Chaos

The liberation of Nyx is on! While Roderick and his team attempt to sneak into DeHarrods, Max causes chaos outside with the aid of an old acquaintance… Gavin!

As an added piece of news, this issue has been sponsored!  


New Site in Progress

It has been a couple of years since we last updated the site for RCSI Publishing. Since then we’ve stopped printing books and started focusing more on our online presence.

A new site design is in progress, and for the moment can be found at:

Soon it will be finished and will move over to the permanent address.

'Code Name: Hunter' Now Available For Free Online!

Our longest running series may no longer be available in print, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has ended! Max and Ruby are still stirring up trouble, only now they’re doing it three times a week, in full color!

Follow their missions as they deal with rogue mages, devious fey, and each other. The latest pages can be read online at

Downloadable copies of the issues are available for free on the site as well.

'A Year and A Day' starts

The latest Graphic Novel from Code Name: Hunter has just finished, and a new story has been launched.

A Year and A Day is the story following the actions of Faerie Tale. Princess Moraine, Robery Allen and Emily Brown have just left Underhill, leaving Jacob Roderick behind. Armed with the Names of the Sidhe Queens, Moraine must struggle to control her own magic before the stay on the Hunt ends and the subjects of England are once again threatened by the Fey.


Code Name: Hunter starts Issue 21

Code Name: Hunter has just started it’s 21st issue this week.

Issue 21: Legacy

Nyx has been located and the rescue team is on its way. Meanwhile, we check in on a few familiar faces as Moraine discusses magic with the young prince and Ruby decides to search for Max.